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The Untold Story Behind Kickstarter Stats [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Jeanne

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Kickstarter failures that were difficult to find because Kickstarter intentionally prevents failed campaigns from being indexed by the search engines…and how I managed to find (what turned out to be) about 59% of the unsuccessfully funded projects.

My article generated a lot of attention, including Mashable and VentureBeat (which republished my post). I’d like to think that it was all this attention that finally led Kickstarter to launch a stats page with data and basic metrics about the projects.

I was wrong.

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Kickstarter failures revealed! What can you learn from Kickstarter failures? [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Jeanne

For the first time ever, the Kickstarter failure numbers are revealed.

I recently came across Dan Misener’s article, Kickstarter hides failure, where he talked about how Kickstarter makes it difficult for you to see/find failed projects. They intentionally prevent failed campaigns from being indexed by the search engines (through “noindex” robot meta tags).

Dan’s article got quite a bit of attention. And in his follow-up post, he posed some interesting questions that led me to do some investigation of my own. Questions like:

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